Technology often develops like a spiral. We keep coming back to the same concepts but we’re able to take them further along than we could first time around. In 1980, ICL, at that time Britain’s flagship computing company, promoted a new operating system called “VME” Virtual Machine Environment. In recent years the concept of the Virtual Machine has been revisited and new operating software developed to make better use of computer resources. It’s now known as “virtualisation”. The number of physical servers is dramatically reduced by replicating them as virtual machines on a much smaller number of host servers. As a result the associated hardware and electricity costs reduce dramatically.

CHARLES MARTYN has teamed with providers of Virtualisation Services based in Gloucestershire who are accredited VMware Partners. They can provide locally based consultancy and support for your in-house IT team or take full responsibility for deployment and support of your virtualised server network.

Want to know more about virtualisation? Click on this link, and play the video!