Video For Web, Mobile or DVD

Use Video to increase sales

Everyone understands the potential of video. Unfortunately most companies do it badly. Just because anyone can use a video camera on a mobile phone doesn't mean that anyone can make a great video. Just as there's a difference between TV production and home movies there's a difference between professional production and amateur. And it's not just in the filming. TV programmes are planned, scripted, filmed, and edited to be effective. Look carefully at the structure of a commercial TV advert and compare that to most video on company websites..

But professional quality needn't be expensive. The falling costs of the technology have liberated freelance producers enabling them to produce effective videos that are well within the budget of most companies.

Charles Martyn has partnered with Video For websites to offer a complete video production service from the idea through to delivery. It includes all aspects of the production and covers: concept and idea, script, storyboard, location, finding, recce, planning, shoot, graphics, rostrum, music, presenter/voice-over, music, edit, rights clearance, replication, package design, delivery and distribution.

In over 25 years of TV production and commercial advertising Video For websites has produced video for virtually every type of company or organisation. More ...