UK’s Smallest 5-Pocket Banknote Sorter

Size matters … and when office space and cost count then smaller means better

The SB5000 is the smallest 5 pocket fitness sorter available in the UK today. It uses the latest image processing technologies to reliably identify and authenticate banknotes before counting and sorting them by denomination – in one pass.

Cash centre efficiency at low cost

The SB5000 brings cash centre efficiency at low cost to retail, casino and FX count rooms or to bank branch back-office processing.

The SB5000 is so compact it will fit on any desktop and takes up no more space than existing 2 pocket counters because of its vertical lift stackers. It's simple to configure and use thanks to sophisticated software and a user-friendly console with a TFT colour screen.

  • Smallest 5 pocket fitness sorter available in UK
  • Identify, authenticate, count and sort banknotes
  • Authenticate and count multiple currencies
  • Face and orient banknotes
  • Fitness sort into ATM fit, teller issue and unfit categories