Telecommunications Services

If you’re thinking of choosing a new telephone and tariff, try walking down any typical High Street and calling in every shop offering mobile phones. By the end you’re almost bound to be more confused than informed. The choices for business are even more complex. Telecommunications encompasses landlines, LAN and WANs; mobile and data comms; ISDN lines and VPNs; broadband and VOIP. Who understands all this in your organisation?

Whose Job Is It?

In some companies “Telecommunications Manager” is a dedicated role with responsibility for delivering effective communications and cost control. In others it’s been dropped on the IT Manager, who just might be more focussed on whether the business computer systems keep working than the latest tariffs. Or maybe it’s the finance department that has always dealt with the phone systems but is now faced with decisions over whether to keep voice and data comms separate. Telecommunications is a complex, rapidly changing area of technology and business usage, but unit costs are reducing. If your business stays the same – your costs should be coming down. If your business is changing you could be faced with some challenging decisions.

Leave it to us

CHARLES MARTYN has partnered with independent Telecomms experts to offer impartial advice to businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’re a service company with a network of maintenance engineers or a charity with field workers; or a commercial call centre or a local authority, our consultants will review your business needs and current contracts and offer independent advice.