Get Mobile

Smart phones are not just for the few – those who like gadgets or anything that’s new. They’re for everyone. They’re computers in a handset to which internet communications are free or virtually so. People have their smart phones with them all the time. And that means new opportunities to communicate in new ways with new audiences, customers and your employees. Mobile Apps are not just for the big brands or games makers. Every organisation should ask how it could benefit from an App for a smart phone.

What can a Mobile App do for you?

Make your website readable.

Maybe you’ve got a great website, but was it designed for the screen size of a smart phone? A Mobile App can present your website content in a readable format on a device that people carry with them at all times.

Make your business systems accessible. 

Do you have sales staff or service engineers on the road? A few years ago you might have bought specialised mobile computers or PDAs to host or give access to your business systems. Now the device is FOC.

Sell your product or service in new ways. 

Get round the table with our specialists and challenge them to re-think your marketing communications strategy 

Our Partners

CHARLES MARTYN has partnered with specialist developers of Mobile Apps who can design and deliver affordable solutions for every type of business. We can develop Mobile Apps that access your existing websites or on-line systems. We can also help you to develop your future systems to be mobile compatible and device independent from the outset.