Meantime Media partners with Charles Martyn

Video production company chooses Charles Martyn for Business Development

Video production company Meantime Media has selected Charles Martyn Limited to provide business development services.

Meantime Media (also T/A Video For Websites), based at Griffin Mill in Stroud, produces TV broadcast quality video for websites and DVDs, specialising in corporate and public sector communications and training videos.

John McDonnell, Managing Director of Charles Martyn said “I am delighted to be able to represent Meantime Media. They have an exceptional set of skills and experience. Although they are already well known and regularly used by local media companies, Charles Martyn aims to bring those capabilities to new markets and business clients.”

“Mike Kilcooley is a gifted producer whose focus and skills will be appreciated by business. Mike knows how to get the message across. Before relocating to the West Country and becoming a freelance producer he had 25 years in TV programme and News production. You can tell. He is exceptionally good at structuring a video interview and getting the best out of ordinary people facing the camera.”

“Today every business needs to utilise video as part of its communications toolkit. It might be a DVD for employee communications; a film for the company website or product cameos for a digital catalogue. Or it might be a video clip for You Tube or social media networking. Meantime Media are experts in all display platforms, but what matters is the message: getting the message across and making it memorable. This is where Mike Kilcooley’s professional background in TV and News production makes the difference.”

View an illustrative showreel of Meantime Media's video capabilities: click here .. (opens in a new window)

View a recently completed project for DEFRA and the RDPE: click here .. (opens in a new window)

Meantime Media was commissioned to produce a series of seven videos describing the way funding from RDPE (Rural Development Programme for England) and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) is used to enhance the lives of rural communities. Meantime Media interviewed and filmed people of all ages from seven different villages, successfully capturing the essence of their local community and the importance of the funding to them