Cash Processing

Banknote Counting

There are many suppliers and types of banknote counters currently available in the UK, with a bewildering range of associated terminology: friction counters, value counters, discriminators, authenticators, 1, 1+1 and 2 pocket machines together with their various functional options and technical features. The illustrated machine is a new 1+1 value counter from Double Power, one of many optional suppliers. Double Power is a new name in the UK but its technology isn't. It supplies the technology behind several established brands.

In-Branch Fitness Sorting

Every day CIT trucks shuttle huge volumes of banknotes between bank branches and cash centres where received banknotes are counted, authenticated and ATM fitness sorted before being shipped back. Most cash centres use high-speed banknote sorters that were bought over 10 years ago. Today, desktop machines offer fitness sensors in compact, low cost units which can be deployed within a bank branch. The illustrated machine is an SB5000 from Korean manufacturer SBM.

Cash Centrefitness sorting

Even in cash centres there are major opportunities for process re-engineering, productivity gains, and strategic re-thinking thanks to new technologies. For example, the illustrated UW600 from Glory has the same number of output pockets and note throughput as the CPS600 sold by CSI 15 years ago - but costs less than 1/10th of the price. The same series extends to 16 stacker pockets and there are models with integrated strapping (bundling) units. They are also more compact and much more reliable than earlier generations of sorters. Low cost reliable sorting technology may prompt UK wholesale cash processors to re-think their current highly centralised cash centre strategies, their dependency on relatively few very expensive high-speed sorters, and their shift operations.