Custom Software

Is your business the same as the next one? Do you work the same as your competitors? Is there nothing about your business that’s different, nothing special? Are your business processes the same as everyone else’s? If they’re not exactly the same then a standard software package might not fit your business. But you can have one tailored to your needs. You can have one written just for you. You’ll get just what you want and won’t pay for features you don’t want and will never use.

System 15

CHARLES MARTYN has partnered with Gloucestershire based System 15 Limited, a software company that has built a reputation for technical excellence and completing projects on-time within budget. They specialise in bespoke software projects, customisation of existing systems, and integration of data flows between systems. “Input the data once – use it many times” is their mantra.

The Bridge

CHARLES MARTYN provides the bridging services between your business people and the software technicians. We will work with you to investigate and understand your business requirements. We will work with the software company to ensure that their systems fulfil your expectations. We will provide professional account management throughout the project. We aim to be your business partner.